It’s the Captain’s responsibility to ensure that the vessel is properly maintained and kept in immaculate condition so as to ensure it is able to carry out the cruising program required by the owner. The Captain is also responsible for compliance with all regulations applied by the chosen flag state and for the implementation and maintenance of safe operating procedures on board to ensure the safety and security of guests and crew. The Captain will recruit or assist in the recruitment of suitable crew in accordance with safe manning then ensure that they have appropriate training and are familiarised with the necessary procedures and equipment on board to ensure the safe operation of the vessel. Depending on the size of the vessel the Captain may also have engineering duties. Business and management roles include keeping financial records, making and meeting budgets, planning itineraries, obtaining customs clearances and arranging berths. Hospitality is an integral part of being a Captain who must be able to interact with the yachts owner and guests in a professional, discrete manner.

Salary – €40,000 - €100,000


STCW95 basic safety training & ENG1 Medical Certificate.
Then dependant on the vessel: Yachtmaster Offshore, Yachtmaster Ocean, Master (Y) < 200 grt, Master (Y) < 500 grt, Master (Y) < 3000 grt.