A Steward/ess role can be extremely varied depending on the size and usage of the vessel. The comfort of the owner and/or guests is the first priority, then the steward/ess is responsible for every aspect of a yacht's interior. This includes meticulous cleaning, vacuuming, laundry (both guests and crew), and formal dining service. When the guests are not onboard the yacht requires constant upkeep, provisioning and detailing. It is important, as with all yachting positions, to be able to work well both alone and as part of a close-knit team. Often management skills are required for more senior positions in order to direct other junior crewmembers and outside contractors. Other duties may include accounting, administration, budgeting, purchasing and liaising with suppliers etc.
(Also see Stew/Cook Position details).

Salary – €24,000 - €54,000


Minimum STCW95 basic safety training & ENG1 Medical Certificate.
Other beneficial qualifications include ‘service’ qualifications, wine courses, tender driving license, massage or beauty therapy certificates.